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Panasonic offers a wide range of products, including microwaves, bread makers, hair dryers, headphones, landline phones, and much more. Panasonic also provides commercial solutions, industrial and automotive systems, and these well-liked areas. With Glamour Saving’s discounted deals, cut the... Read More

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More about Panasonic

Panasonic, established in 1918 as a Japanese multinational electronics giant, boasts a century-long legacy of innovation and quality. Renowned globally, Panasonic rose to prominence as the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics in the 20th century. Panasonic UK, founded in 1972, remains a pivotal hub delivering cutting-edge electronics for both consumers and businesses. While celebrated for their premier TV models like OLED, 4K, and FHD, Panasonic offers a diverse array of products spanning cameras, headphones, landline phones, hair dryers, microwaves, and breadmakers. Additionally, their portfolio extends to automotive and industrial systems, alongside comprehensive business solutions, reaffirming Panasonic’s commitment to excellence across various sectors.


1- What is the cost of shipping from Panasonic?

For all orders above £50, Panasonic provides free shipping. At the time of checkout, the cost of delivery will be displayed if your order is under £50.

2- How can I follow my order from Panasonic?

You will receive an email confirmation with tracking information from Panasonic after placing your order. You can track your order with this. To verify the status of your order, you can also go into your Panasonic account.

3- What is the return policy of Panasonic?

Within 14 days of the delivery date, you are able to return your Panasonic order. All you have to do to initiate a return is get in touch with the Panasonic customer support staff.

4- Does Panasonic provide guarantees?

Depending on the device you purchased, Panasonic provides warranties ranging from one to ten years. Panasonic offers a lifetime worldwide guarantee on a selection of its goods. To benefit from the guarantee, you must register your product on the Panasonic website.

5- What is refer a friend policy at Panasonic?

With Panasonic’s “refer-a-friend” service, you can give your buddy a gift in exchange for saving money on their orders. A friend of yours receives 12% off their first order when you refer them. As a thank you, Panasonic will take £30 off your next order.

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