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The U.K.'s leading family-owned footwear retailer, Pavers, is based in the U.K. and has over 100 locations. Pavers offers a comprehensive range of shoes and shoe care products, catering to every taste, from elegant dress shoes to casual attire. You may save even more with a Paver's coupon code,... Read More

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More about PAVERS

Pavers have been committed to offering U.K. consumers footwear that strikes a mix between comfort and elegance since 1971. They provide a large selection that suits both men and women, ranging from sneakers to sandals, boots to slippers. Use Paver’s discount coupons to get wallets and bags as accessories at a lower price. Their ageless dedication to comfort makes them a haven for anybody looking for footwear that combines style and utility. Catherine Paver launched the brand in York, and from its modest beginnings, it has grown into a family-run business. With sons Ian, Graham, and Stuart joining the brand, Pavers is redefining comfortable footwear and making sure every step is fashionable.


What payment method is available at Pavers?

Though there are several ways to pay, using a credit or debit card is the simplest. Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and Electron are all accepted. Additionally, you can use Apple Pay, PayPal, or Amazon Payments.

How can I get free delivery at Pavers?

Shop for more than 70$ & avail of free delivery at Pavers.

What is your return policy?

Return any item in its original condition within 45 days. If you have paid for a 99p return, use a prepaid label; if not, deduct £2.50. Refunds are handled in 14 days or less. Items that are sealed, as well as socks and tights, are excluded.

What is IMBox treatment at Pavers?

You can apply IMBox, a protective coating, to your shoes before we ship them to you. In addition to providing excellent waterproofing that allows rainwater to simply glide off, it also guards against sun bleaching and stains. While it is obviously beneficial for winter footwear, it is also helpful for summer sandals and shoes, particularly beach-worthy styles and light-coloured sandals that are prone to stains. It costs £3.99 and offers about a 12-week protection period. Additionally, any of our stores have the option to apply (or reapply) the coating.

How can I change my order at Pavers?

Please get in touch with our customer service team as soon as you can to modify a purchase. We will try to alter your order as requested; however, since the item may have already been shipped, this may not always be feasible. In that scenario, you may just return the shoes to us for a refund.

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