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The first free flight search website in the Middle East and Africa, Travolic, allows you to compare costs from several airlines and online travel companies in one secure location. Travolic coupons are now available on Glamour Savings' website, so you can plan your next trip without breaking the... Read More

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More than just a travel metasearch site, Travolic is your committed travel companion. We aim to simplify travel planning by combining flight prices from multiple airlines and online agencies so you can easily find the best deals. We connect you to your preferred provider for easy booking with just a click. We are not a travel agency, so we don’t sell tickets or collect payments, staying utterly free with no additional costs. We use cookies only to improve user experience while protecting privacy. Come along with us as we redefine travel planning into an adventure that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


1-  Can I reserve a ticket for someone else at Travolic?

You are more than welcome to cover someone else’s airfare. But you must be sure that the name you submit on the ticket exactly matches the traveler’s ID; even a small misspelling could cause their flight to be canceled. Also, be aware that if any information needs to be altered after the ticket has been booked, many airlines charge a significant change cost to correct any errors.

2- Why does the price occasionally go up after choosing the offer at Travolic?

There are occasionally problems with the accuracy of the data we obtain from other travel websites because Travolic simultaneously scanning through a vast assortment of different websites. Another passenger has reserved the last seat, the provider’s website isn’tneeds to update its inventory with us, or it has retrieved the incorrect path.

3- Are luggage costs included in the flight cost at Travolic?

No. To find out if your airline charges extra for checked or cabin baggage, visit our page on airline fees.

4- How do I modify or cancel my flight at Travolic?

Please contact the service provider directly, whether the airline or the online travel agent, to adjust or cancel your reservation. Travolic is a platform for travel meta search that links you with suppliers. It does not handle bookings and payments. For help with changes or cancellations, contact the service provider you made your reservation with.

5- How can I save big at Travolic?

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A Guide to Use Travolic on Discount Coupons
To utilize the valuable discounted codes, you have to
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