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The Viagogo is an ultimate marketplace where you can grab tickets instantly for your favourite event, show or concert. The brand is operational in 70 countries, offering hassle-free passes to major shows such as COLD PLAY, MADONNA & other events. With glamour-saving discounted deals, getting... Read More

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More about Viagogo

Viagogo is a well-known participant in the event ticketing market, providing a large selection of tickets via its website, Eric Baker, a co-founder of StubHub, founded the business in 2006, and it quickly acquired popularity by becoming the go-to marketplace for purchasing and reselling tickets to important events. Viagogo has its roots in London and has expanded throughout Europe. Strategic relationships with industry heavyweights like Live Nation, Madonna, and Coldplay have strengthened its global footprint. Viagogo is still very popular and serves a large audience in 70 countries, even though it doesn’t often release promo codes. Its 2021 move to the US demonstrates its dedication to streamlining online ticket purchases while preserving its global presence.


How will tickets be delivered from Viagogo?

You can pick up your physical tickets at the venue or home if you purchase them. The tickets will be delivered to your residence by UPS or FedEx. Viagogo shipping prices differ. If you pick up the tickets, they will generally be available at the event location’s box office. For precise shipping instructions, see Viagogo’s website.

Is there any refund or exchange policy at Viagogo?

Sadly, after you’ve bought tickets through Viagogo, you cannot replace or cancel them. Viagogo does not provide a refund after you have exchanged money with the vendor. One instance is not the same as the others. If the event is cancelled, Viagogo will issue you a voucher that may be used toward future purchases or a complete refund.

Does the ticket price fluctuate on Viagogo?

When utilizing Viagogo, scheduling your ticket purchases can be a wise strategy to reduce costs. Viagogo ticket prices are subject to change based on several variables, including demand and how close the event is to being held. If you keep an eye on ticket prices over time and are aware of market trends, you might be able to determine the best times to buy. If you buy your tickets well in advance, sometimes the price will go down since dealers might be anxious to get rid of them quickly.

Can I sell my tickets to Viagogo?

Viagogo offers a way for people to sell their own tickets in addition to serving as a marketplace for buying event tickets. Through Viagogo, you can easily locate potential purchasers if you cannot attend an event or if you have extra tickets you would like to sell. You can interact with interested people who are looking for tickets to the event you have available by listing your tickets on Viagogo. You may reach a large audience of potential customers by selling tickets on Viagogo, which increases the likelihood that someone will be interested in buying your tickets.

Are last-minute ticket sales available on Viagogo?

Indeed, Viagogo frequently offers last-minute ticket sales at reduced costs for upcoming events.

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